Zefcot is a lightweight paperless shop floor system

for discrete manufacturing


Shop Floor Made Simple

Zefcot is built to support the production of serialized products produced with manually initiated operations.

Zefcot guides and tracks products through the [assembly, test, pack] process by providing timely information to operators and capturing production activity.

Zefcot is a great solution for high-mix, low-volume environments such as automotive or aerospace suppliers.

Process Control

  • Ensure your products complete every operation

  • Give your operators with the information they need, when they need it

  • Handle customer or order level product variation

  • Control remediation and rework loops

Product Tracking

  • Know who, what, where, and when

  • Keep a permanent activity record

Data Acquisition

  • Collect any type of data from any operation

  • Custom data validation and rendering


Bridging The Gap

Architecturally and logically, there is often a big gap between enterprise systems such as an ERP and the actual work performed on the shop floor. Zefcot helps bridge this gap by factoring out common discrete manufacturing needs.

The system can be run standalone or can be customized to integrate with upstream and downstream enterprise systems.

Workstations can operate a thin Web-based Tablet Application, or a Microsoft Windows-based Application that can be customized for local hardware integration.


Enterprise Systems


Shop Floor

Workstations, Operators,

Hardware, Fixtures


Low Cost

Zefcot is offered using a simple site license model that is one fixed price. Integrate as many production points and collect as much data as you want for less than the cost of a minimum wage employee. The system can be run on no/low-cost infrastructure such as Ubuntu, Wildfly, and PostgreSQL.

Ultra low-barrier to entry

No need to take on an entire site implementation. Get started with as little as one step in your process using low-cost PCs or Tablets and have the platform in place to expand upon over time.

Onsite or in the Cloud

Zefcot Server can be run Onsite or on Cloud infrastructure by Amazon, Google, or DigitalOcean. Like anything, each option has pros and cons, you choose what works best for you.