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Shop Floor Made Simple


Crossing the Digital Divide

The march of production is relentless. Resources are thin and expectations high.

No one wants to operate on paper or manually collect production information. Yet a surprising number of companies struggle to cross the digital divide. The reason is simple, implementing an MES system can be time-consuming and painful.​ And you have trucks waiting at the dock.

We can help.

 Zefcot is a lightweight paperless shop floor system  for manufacturing  that can ease you into the paperless world.

Shop Floor Navigation

Guides production by delivering essential information to operators


Built to support the production of products produced with manually-initiated operations.

Real-Time Visibility

Order status, WIP, and unit/batch details at your fingertips.

Mixed Mode

Discrete or batch, simultaneously supports the production of individual units and batches.

Product History

Digital journal of who, what, where, and when for each unit/batch produced.


Suitable solution for high-mix and/or low-volume environments.


Bridging the Gap


Enterprise Systems

Architecturally and logically, there is a void between enterprise systems like an ERP and the actual work performed on the shop floor. 

Zefcot helps bridge this gap by providing common operational needs.

Zefcot MES

Shop Floor

Workstations, Operators,

Hardware, Fixtures


“It is a delight and joy to work with Zefcot. Not just is it possible to create and run your first workflow in a couple of hours. The system has such an incredible amount of depth, that it does give you the confidence to take on even the most complex workflows. This is what you need for your Smart Manufacturing journey.”
−Stefan Zippel, MES Guru, Germany


Lower Cost

Zefcot is licensed using a simple site model that is one fixed price. Integrate as many production points and collect as much data as you want.

One Step at a Time

No need to take on an entire site implementation. Get started with a few step in your process and have the platform in place to expand upon over time.

Onsite or in the Cloud

Zefcot runs Onsite or on Cloud infrastructure such as Amazon AWS, Google, DigitalOcean.

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